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Welcome to the Belgian Joint Portal of the European Structural and Investment Funds.
Please follow us and learn about what the Belgian Public Authorities and the European Union have set up in order to achieve a "smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" with objectives within specific fields such as research, innovation, employment, training, business creation, fight against poverty and discrimination, urban regeneration and climate change.

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Brussels-Capital Region ESF

  • Legal form: Parastatals
  • Name: Actiris, Public Employment Service (PES) for the Brussels Capital Region
  • Legal representative and function: Fatine Daoudi, director Partnerships, management authority
  • Address : Sterrenkundelaan 14, 1210 Brussels, Belgium
  • Tel : 02/505.79.60
  • E-mail :


The OP ESF for the BCR was composed around two thematic objectives (TO 8 and 9)
TO 8 promoting work and supporting professional mobility

  • Priority Investment (PI) II : Durable integration of young people on the labor market of young people who don’t work, are not in school or don’t follow training
  • PI I : Access to work for job seekers and non-active people (including locale initiatives) and supporting professional mobility

TO 9 promoting social inclusion and the struggle against poverty

  • IP I : active inclusion


The strategy of the OP 2014-2020 ESF for the BCR is based upon the fundamental challenges of the BCR : contribution to the Unions strategy for an intelligent, durable and inclusive growth and the realization of the economic, social and territorial consistency.

Priority axis

The OP ESF of the BCR was composed around three priority axes (excluding technical assistance)

  • Priority axis 1: Durable integration of young people in to the job market
  • Priority axis 2: Access to work for everybody
  • Priority axis 3: Improving the vocational integration of persons who are excluded or at risk of exclusion


Priority axis Funding Category of region Thematic objective Contribution of the Union Contribution of the Region Total Financing
AXES 1 ESF More developed TD8 9.382.253,23 9.382.253,23 18.764.506,46
YEI TD8 5.871.109,59 5.871.109,59 11.742.219,18
AXES 2 ESF More developed TD8 21.276.845,66 21.276.845,66 42.553.691,32
AXES 3 ESF More developed TD9 12.944.976,59 12.944.976,59 25.889.953,18
Total 98.950.370,14


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