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Please follow us and learn about what the Belgian Public Authorities and the European Union have set up in order to achieve a "smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" with objectives within specific fields such as research, innovation, employment, training, business creation, fight against poverty and discrimination, urban regeneration and climate change.

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Wallonia ERDF

  • Legal form : Ministry
  • Name(s) : Public Service of Wallonia – Office of Secretary General
  • Acronym : SPW
  • Legal Representative and function: Sylvie Marique, Secretary General
  • Official Address : Joséphine Charlotte Square, 2 – 5100 Jambes
  • Tel : 0032/81/32.13.56
  • E-mail :


The ERDF in Wallonia is based on the thematic objectives:

  • TO1 « Strengthening research, technological development and innovation »
  • TO3 « Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs »
  • TO4 « Supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors »
  • TO6 « Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency »
  • TO10 « Investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and lifelong learning »
  • TO10 « Förderung der Schadensbehebung nach der Krise, die durch die COVID-19-Pandemie und ihre sozialen Folgen verursacht wurde, und Vorbereitung einer umweltfreundlichen, digitalen und widerstandsfähigen Erholung der Wirtschaft. »
  • TO13 « Promote the repair of damage following the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its social consequences, and prepare the ecological, digital and resilient recovery of the economy. »

Objectives of the Operational Programme for the Wallonia region

The intervention strategy of the OP for the Wallonia region through the declination of the selected thematic objectives is based on the fundamental stakes of Wallonia: increasing sustainable growth and the employment rate.

The Covid-19 crisis has had a strong impact on some sectors. Therefore, the REACT EU package allows the efforts made during this crisis to be supported (strengthening the resilience of health care systems, supporting the digital development of SMEs, strengthening the R&I sector), while pursuing the objective of socio-economic, ecological and sustainable development including tourism and culture.

Priority Axes

The Walloon Operational Programme is structured around seven key axes (excluding technical assistance):

  • AXIS 1 ECONOMY 2020 : Improving the Competitiveness of Enterprises Strengthening of firms competitiveness
  • AXIS 2 INNOVATION 2020 : Fostering of activities creating added value and optimization of the results in the economic sector
  • AXIS 3 TERRITORIAL INTELLIGENCE 2020 : Restoring the attractiveness of the territory
  • AXIS 4 TRANSITION TO A LOW-CARBON WALLONIA : Sustainable development
  • AXIS 5 INTEGRATED URBAN DEVELOPMENT 2020 : Revitalization of urban poles
  • AXE 6 SKILLS 2020 : Acquisition of skills for SMEs through advanced equipment and extension of reception capacities
  • REACT-EU AXIS 8: Response to the COVID-19 crisis and digital and low-carbon transition


Priority axis Funding Category of region Thematic objective EU Contribution € National contribution € Total funding €
Axe 1 FEDER Région en transition OT3 186.016.915 124.011.277 310.028.192
OT6 13.549.200 9.032.800 22.582.000
Région plus développée OT3 6.967.542 6.967.542 13.935.084
OT6 369.534 369.534 739.068
Axe 2 FEDER Région en transition OT1 169.366.362 112.910.908 282.277.270
Région plus développée OT1 12.215.182 12.215.182 24.430.364
Axe 3 FEDER Région en transition OT6 127.656.309 85.104.206 212.760.515
Axe 4 FEDER Région en transition OT4 90.321.929 60.214.619 150.536.548
Région plus développée OT4 3.841.822 3.841.822 7.683.644
Axe 5 FEDER Région en transition OT4 13.627.003 9.084.669 22.711.672
OT6 20.440.504 13.627.003 34.067.507
Axe 6 FEDER Région en transition OT10 26.467.005 17.644.670 44.111.675
Région plus développée OT10 1.188.814 1.188.814 2.377.628
Axe 8 FEDER REACT-EU OT13 85.315.910 0 85.315.910
Total (hors assistance technique) 757.344.031 456.213.046 1.213.557.077


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