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Please follow us and learn about what the Belgian Public Authorities and the European Union have set up in order to achieve a "smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" with objectives within specific fields such as research, innovation, employment, training, business creation, fight against poverty and discrimination, urban regeneration and climate change.

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German Speaking Community ESF

  • Promotor : Ministry of the German-speaking Community of Belgium – Department «External relations and regional development«
  • Legal representative : Norbert Heukemes, Secretary General
  • Address : Gospertstrasse 1, B-4700 Eupen
  • Tél : +32 / 87/ 596 300
  • E-mail :


The Operational Program of the European Social Fund (ESF) of the German-speaking Community supports measures to bring job seekers back to employment and to secure employees in employment.


The ESF focuses on the following priorities (except Technical Assistance) :

  • Priority axis 1: Improving employment: Long-term unemployment and the unemployment of older people are expected to fall and the proportion of women in the workforce is expected to rise.
  • Priority axis 2: Promoting social inclusion for people with multiple integration barriers: The focus is, amongst others, on people with very low qualifications, with a disability or with a migration background.
  • Priority axis 3: Improving vocational training, including combating skills deficits and improving the transition between school / training and work to prevent youth unemployment.


It focuses on three thematic objectives.

  • Objective 8: promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility
  • Objective 9: promoting social inclusion, combating poverty and any form of discrimination
  • Objective 10 : investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and lifelong learning


Priority axis Funding Category of region Thematic objective EU funding National amount Total amounts
1 ESF transition region TO 8 3.300.000 3.300.000 6.600.000
2 ESF transition region TO 9 5.500.000 5.500.000 11.000.000
3 ESF transition region TO 10 1.760.000 1.760.000 3.520.000
4 ESF transition region 440.000 440.000 880.000
TOTAL 11.000.000 11.000.000 22.000.000


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